Modern Building


In order to support our client’s superlative developments and properties, AscendiaSurrico have created systems, structures, procedures and processes to ensure a strong and knowledgeable team will be developed and that specific scope of works can be effectively managed. The management team will be responsible for the delivery of services to the Owner, Retails Users, Guests ansitorsd Vi.

AscendiaSurrico will ensure that these roles/responsibilities will be scheduled for delivery in line with the staging programme  and generally this is documented and normally included within each contract, as part of the Project Execution Plan.

AscendiaSurrico approach provides a single point of responsibility to clients allowing for focus on their core business. This model allows us to continuously optimise the entire scope of services through pooled resources, procurement centralisation, functional and versatile teams and capacity for synergies between tasks. AscendiaSurrico optimisation is guaranteed by our commitment to results based on precise key performance indicators (KPIs) and service level agreements (SLAs).