Property Construction


AscendiaSurrico provide a full suite of property management services. AscendiaSurrico work ‘hand in hand’ with the client to ensure the real estate,  within their area of responsibility, are managed to the highest level.

AscendiaSurrico  understands that the Lease 'terms and conditions’ created for both Commercial, Retail and Residential units must be set out in a clear management framework and unambiguous manner. Clients that are both Asset Holder and Owner and acting as Landlord, by way of the lease agreement is covenanted to repair, maintain and upkeep both external common areas, internal commons areas and non-Fixtures.

AscendiaSurrico also believes that Lease management is absolutely critical to ensure that financial control is established, lease renewal dates are co-ordinated and attrition and vacancy periods are limited. 


AscendiaSurrico acknowledges that alternative methods of both Asset, Property and Facility management [which are interrelated] is dependent on the clients strategic direction and vision. AscendiaSurrico can provide alternative strategies to meet and surpass the clients expectations.