AscendiaSurrico offers a number of critical services engineering advisory scope of works, which will ensure that the Clients most critical properties are protected by both highly skilled and trained Engineers, with systems maintained to the highest standard to mitigate risk of loss by failure. This will ensure the business is protected at all times.

Short, medium and long term critical engineering operational strategies must be put in place to ensure that effective staffing training, maintenance and operations are to the highest industry and international standard. Each will also meet regulatory and compliance requirements.

​AscendiaSurrico have vast professional skill in ensuring that manageable risks have been implemented, by a combination of functions People / Process and Systems review/Involvement.

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AscendiaSurrica recognises the importance of the on-site engineering management and operating team. This team must be specialised in every area of operation and maintenance. The engineering team must be trained in the operation (included the efficient running) of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems.

AscendiaSurrico acknowledges that critical engineering teams, for critical engineering services, require intensive ‘’live training’’ to assess the reactions of the team to a failure of services and the engineering teams ability to resume these services. This test is always under a controlled managed situation

The engineering team also require detailed and comprehensive procedures in order to operate and maintain the asset, ensuring planned preventative maintenance is conducted on all equipment and fabric within the development.

AscendiaSurrico provides detailed and comprehensive systems of work, for each type of engineering service. The operational procedures are of paramount importance to ensure that client services are operated at 100% uptime. Each set the standard of engineering procedures to be followed for and by all types of engineering qualified persons.

AscendiaSurrico believes that large scale developments and high-quality real estate require high levels of Engineering services where, goods and services need to operate at the highest echelon to maintain the Master Community and Common Areas, to the agreed ‘Service Level Agreements (SLA’s). These are generally in accordance with Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) as set by the client and specialist consultant.

​AscendiaSurrico identifies that the establishment of the scope of works, contract agreement and pricing provisions is a complexed process; and which will take many months to complete.

​AscendiaSurrico acknowledges that the tender and procurement of all engineering goods and services will naturally follow the contract creation and will involve a dedicated ‘specialised’ procurement team in-house and supported by specialist consultancy. The Tender process will be established and follow standard best practice and Corporate Governance policies.

AscendiaSurrico believes it is necessary for the owner to maintain the asset value.
We believe that there needs to be regular planned preventative maintenance conducted on all equipment and fabric within the real estate.

AscendiaSurrico will suggest a strategy to enable this to be carried out in a cost effective manner, and that the extent of the systems to be maintained needs to be determined, and that maintenance access and equipment serviceability catered for.
AscendiaSurricowill make the client aware of the different types of maintenance activities that are available and which one is best for his circumstances. It is understood that critical assets will require the highest level of maintenance and service, to ensure consistent operability.

AscendiaSurrico acknowledges that during the review of documents as per the handover stages, asset information, maintenance options and spare part information, warranties needs to be provided to trade packages prior to the release of any subsequent tender packages.