AscendiaSurrico provide a full suite of property management services. AscendiaSurrico work ‘hand in hand’ with the client to ensure the real estate, within their area of responsibility, are managed to the highest level.

AscendiaSurrico understands that the Lease ‘terms and conditions’ created for both Commercial, Retail and Residential units must be set out in a clear management framework and unambiguous manner. Clients that are both Asset Holder and Owner and acting as Landlord, by way of the lease agreement is covenanted to repair, maintain and upkeep both external common areas, internal commons areas and non-Fixtures.

​AscendiaSurrico also believes that Lease management is absolutely critical to ensure that financial control is established, lease renewal dates are co-ordinated and attrition and vacancy periods are limited.

AscendiaSurrico acknowledges that alternative methods of both Asset, Property and Facility management [which are interrelated] is dependent on the clients strategic direction and vision. AscendiaSurrico can provide alternative strategies to meet and surpass the clients expectations.

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AscendiaSurrico acknowledges that real estate require extensive maintenance and operations, capital upgrades and refurbishments periodically throughout their useful life.

In order to meet this requirement, it is necessary to plan and prepare the necessary financial model and its finances to pay for these costs. AscendiaSurrico will create a 25 year life-cycle model to forecast med-long-term capital expenditure to maintain the systems to the manufacturer’s recommendations, to maximise life and usefulness of the assets, identify necessary modifications and upgrades, and their associated cost for long-term financial planning.

AscendiaSurrico will prepare a sinking fund model, with the future intention whereas monies collected will be utilised for capital expenditure.
AscendiaSurrico believes there are many benefits to the owner associated with the life-cycle model, one of which is the knowledge that there is available funding for replacement of major capital expenditure items. AscendiaSurrico can create an apportionment methodology for the collection of these revenues.

AscendiaSurrico acknowledges that real estate developers should conduct a highest and best-used feasibility study of the development, in order to understand what type of product is currently in the marketplace, what is required and what the customer prefers.

In order to meet this requirement, it is necessary to prepare a model study, that identifies each product recommended (financially feasible), which results in the highest price value of each product.

We will prepare a highest and best-used feasibility study based on:

  • Legal permissibility
  • Physical possibility
  • financial feasibility
  • maximum productivity

We believes there are many benefits to the owner associated with the highest and best used feasibility study, which is to try and maximize the returns of the assets.

AscendiaSurrico believe it is a fundamental requirement to identify and calculate, high-level common area service charges and potential revenue streams.

AscendiaSurrico will create a financial operating model which will provide sustainable added value to the business unit and will run throughout the entire development phases, supporting the many changes whilst driving and supporting each new business initiatives.

AscendiaSurrico will include all services within the model and that the master community apportionment methodology will be one of the many drivers for the financial model. It is expected that the model, once completed, will be incorporated into the company’s CFOs financials, included within P&L, balance sheet and other financial management and measurement tools.

AscendiaSurrico can work with the lawyers to ensure Multi-ownership agreements can be created for the necessary legal frameworks to accommodate all service charge arrangements.