AscendiaSurrico has great in-depth experience in the visionary, planning, design through to the build, delivery, commissioning, handover and operations of smart cities.

Traditionally, the services are distributed throughout the infrastructure by a fiber optic connected network, connected through smart hubs to allow the distribution of smart data / communications/ measurement points.

This data can be presented in various formats to generate specific parameters / requirements that each client may have and be displayed in various pictorial digital representations.

Large scale developments and cities require a fully functional Operation Control and Command Center (OCCC), which included both the data center and call center. These areas are categorised as critical services and are protected by the latest and advanced UPS and generator systems, with the 100% uptime principle.

AscendiaSurrico have the expertise to deliver a myriad of services to meet the expectations of the client, whether it be advisory, or through a supportive or delivery role.