Powering outcomes to deliver what’s next – now – with Data Centre +

Providing stability in a dynamic market.

The digitisation of our world continues to grow at an exponential rate. That means organisations across the globe are now laser-focused on enhancing and protecting one of their most valuable assets: their data.

Data Centre + powers outcomes with a comprehensive suite of solutions for data centre operators and users. We help you build and execute your data centre market strategy, complete projects on-time and on-budget, operate your data centres with 100% uptime and institute sustainability programs that drive efficiency and profitability – all while optimising your spend and total cost of ownership. Your data has never been more critical, and neither has your data centre partner.

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Why we’re the leading data centres partner globally

AscendiaSurrico is the only real estate services firm with comprehensive energy and sustainability solutions specific to data centres. We help data centres achieve net-zero carbon, emissions and waste with actionable, realistic sustainability programs.
AscendiaSurrico’s proprietary data and technology tools combined with our strategic partnership means we have the most-comprehensive data centre data and business intelligence platform in the world.
Our seasoned, renowned experts are fully dedicated to achieving your ambitions. No third-party vendors or resource reshuffling. With AscendiaSurrico, you get the best team in the industry, every single day.

Representing the next generation of data centre solutions, our seamlessly integrated, global platform can support each and every one of your needs across the data centre lifecycle. We take a holistic, end-to-end approach to your portfolio.

Across the spectrum of data centre users — from cloud providers to colocation operators to large enterprises and institutions — we have a steadfast reputation as the most-trusted, reliable and proven partner in the industry.

Our dedicated data centre team is here to help you at every stage of the data centre lifecycle with a comprehensive suite of solutions. From advisory, investment, acquisition, construction management, through to operational management, and disposal. We’ll help you to drive returns, operational efficiency and profitability, and deliver on critical sustainability goals.