AscendiaSurrico have excellent experience in the delivery of strategic development management. Our standard approach is to meet with the Owner and prepare a detailed proposal for the scope of works required, which would meet the objectives by the client.

The below services are generally offered by Development Management, based on the standard definition of Development Management, where the DM is focusing on the engineering, construction and delivery of each and every component of the development, in terms of Generic Services and systems, The Asset Manager is equally (if not more so) concerned to ensure those components of Real Estate are correctly built in as a way as to ensure market absorption and to maximise revenue for the Owner, as well as maintaining the asset value amongst other important factors.

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AscendiaSurrico will assist the developer during the concept, design and development review period. We shall identify design guidelines that the architects and principal designers take into account for the long-term operability of the systems and services.

​AscendiaSurrico will provide a team of specialised personnel to be able to review drawings, documents and specifications to ensure each service and system are design correctly as to be maintainable, accessibility and have ease of operability.

The above will cover all services and systems such as architectural, infrastructure, mechanical, electrical, civils, roadways and bridges and landscaping services.

AscendiaSurrico places great emphasis on these deliverables to establish appropriate mechanisms to be put in place; maximising the use of the project vehicle to spin new functional, operating and profitable businesses.

AscendiaSurrico will identify huge benefits to leverage operating companies from the project outputs. AscendiaSurrico will carefully present those opportunities through require detailed and comprehensive discussions, business planning and review, risk measures, whilst considering the business continuity of service line

AscendiaSurrico believe it is a fundamental requirement to identify and calculate, high-level common area service charges and potential revenue streams.

​AscendiaSurrico will include all services within the model and that the master community apportionment methodology will be one of the many drivers for the financial model. It is expected that the model, once completed, will be incorporated into the company’s CFOs financials, included within P&L, balance sheet and other financial management and measurement tools.